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TOBACCO STICKS FOR USE WITH IQOS. The tobacco stick contains a uniquely processed tobacco plug designed for heating, not for smoking.

Each Carton (10 packs x 20 refills) cost only £50 (£80) with FREE EU Shipping!

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Heets Yellow Label Tobacco Refills
Heets Amber Label Tobacco Refills
Heets Turquoise Label Tobacco Refills

Yellow Heets

Mellow & Bright. A mellow blend with refreshing tonic notes enhanced by subtle zesty nuances. Similar to Parliament Blue.

Amber Heets

Balanced & Rich. A balanced blend with lightly toasted and nutty notes enhanced by a rich texture. Amber Label is for the smoker who prefers the full strength taste.

Turquoise Heets

Mellow & Fresh. A refreshing menthol product with subtle zesty notes. Similar to Parliament Fresh. Turquoise, the mild menthol version. Turquoise HEETS are just perfect for menthol fans!

Heets Bronze Label Tobacco Refills
Heets Sienna Label Tobacco Refills

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